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I like/ I don´t like…by 5th A #EuropeanTapa´sTrack

Now, it´s time to listen to students from 5th grade group A. They sing about what they like and don´t like and, they have some advices about health. Enjoy. 🙂   Advertisements

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I like/ I don´t like song by 5th Grade #European Tapa´s Track

5th grade students group B tell you what they like and don´t like and…they have some advices about Healthy Food. Enjoy the songs.

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European Quality Label

We are very, very happy!!!! Our project The Yellow Submarine Project received a new award….The European Quality Label. Thanks to the committee that considered our project deserves the prize. I also want to thank  my students and those people that … Continue reading

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Fantastic news!!!!

We are on holidays but…the work we did during the last school year has been awared. The Yellow Submarine Project won the Quality Label. Thanks for considering that our project deserves the prize and thanks to all those that contributed … Continue reading

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The Yellow Submarine Song

Enjoy with the The Yellow Submarine Song by 13th Primay School from Kozalin, Greece, Orfeas Primary School from Rodolivos, Greece and Hernández Ardieta School from Roldán, Spain.

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Our Vegetable Raps

Eating healthy is easy. Listen to the Vegetable Rap and enjoy vegetables. Lucía and Fátima Carmen María and Sergio Carmen María and Cristina Judith, Imane and Inma Amine, Aya and Assem

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3rd Submarine Challenge

Click on the picture and discover the 3rd Submarine Challenge.

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