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George and the Dragon…a Legend


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It´s reading time. It´s Halloween…

Enjoy a Halloween reading with Crankenstein.  

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Discovering London

If you are ready click on the and start your trip. Enjoy!!!

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Samuel Pepys #London1666

Time to move into the next step: Samuel Pepys. Click on the pictures to discover about this important person.

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People from History Challenge: LEVEL 4

Click on the picture to investigate about a person from History.  Then, you have to complete a chart in a Padlet.

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Chromers Superheroes

After Christmas holidays it´s time to start with energy. Enjoy with our Superheroes (task done in the first term)

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It´s Reading Time: Christmas Comics

Christmas Comics by 5ºA Christmas Comics by 5ºB Christmas Comics by 5ºC

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